Story is our Crutch.

The Past


One must be broken in order to live a strong, compelling life. And by using our past experiences from our work and our lives we will help the gritty and real stories come to life, in hopes to elevate and set the standard for thought provoking content creation; in all types of media.

The Present


We want to do cool things with cool people. That means, we are deliberate in developing strong stories in all types of mediums with the best talent out there. Unscripted. Doc-series. Podcasts. Narratives. Animation. Books. Music. We will fight for story until the very end.

The Future


The future is bright for the broken life. As the climate in the storytelling industry rapidly changes, we continue to adapt and change with it in order to remain relevant and competitive with the world's best, cutting edge content creators.

Contact Us

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Broken Life Media LLC

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